Manufacturing Integration Expertise for PLM, ERP and MOM

SCM / PLM Integration

What is an Engineering Supply Chain?

Today SCM – Supply Chain Management is an almost common expression in the manufacturing environment. Supply Chain describes the integrated processes along the value chain - from demand to supply.

Looking into the value chain a bit deeper, you will find out that the product life cycle starts much earlier in the entire life of a product – it already begins with research and development.

During design and development you create the value of your product - based on functions and features, competitive pricing, serviceability and the process of life cycles end (EOL or scrapping, etc.)

Why not integrating the processes of design and development into the value chain? By adding the engineering cycle to the value chain, you create integrated processes where all departments are forced to follow the entire End2End process, but enabling your organization to eliminate department boundaries.

Transferring this thinking to large global acting enterprises with development capabilities at various sites and multisite manufacturing, then we call this an integrated global engineering supply chain. The engineering supply chain and the financial supply chain (managing capital sourcing for your company) create the design to cash framework for successful enterprises.

This is the way we do Engineering Supply Chain for you!

Integrating the enterprise world of SAP and the engineering world of Siemens Teamcenter is Wagner Informatik‘s special expertise.

The integration consultants of Wagner Informatik accompanied by your departments (e.g. development, component engineering, routing, purchasing, accounting, etc.) define, document and implement reliable End2End-Processes meeting your department’s requirements overcoming the limits of SAP and Teamcenter.

We create your transparent integrated Engineering Supply Chain!



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We support your SAP – Teamcenter integration projects by:

  • Teamcenter/SAP assessment and documentation
  • Project management
  • End2End-Process-Design for
    • Material-master, document-master
    • Bill of material (EBOM, MBOM, MBA, Order-BOM, etc.)
    • Routings, workplaces, work center
    • Plant structure, operations, and resources
    • Vendor management, etc.
  • SAP/Teamcenter interface mapping
  • Implementation and rollout of integrated processes (TC2SAP post-processes and v.v.)
  • SAP/Teamcenter interface training and testing
  • GoLive-, Post-GoLive- and (x)-Level-Support for SAP–Teamcenter interfaces

Shop Floor Integration

Shop Floor

In your shop floor integration project, we are able to provide following services:

  • Shop floor assessment and documentation
  • Project, Subproject coordination, Architecture services
  • End2End-Prozess-Design for
    • Material- und Document- Master Data
    • Integration of detail scheduling
    • Bill of material (BOM, BOP, BOR)
    • Workplan, Workplaces
    • Enterprise structures
  • MES / APS / MOM Interface Mapping
  • Implementation and rollout of necessary interfaces
  • Test management and training

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Over all

Wagner Informatik consider the whole concept and offer following solutions for you:

  • Conception of a continuous data structure
  • Project, Subproject coordination, Architecture services
  • End2End-Process-Design for
    • Change Management across all systems
    • Data consistency
    • Revision Handling
    • Master Data Management
  • Mapping Conception
  • Implementing and rollout of necessary interfaces
  • Test Management and training